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Warwick Coal Stage

In 1921 an elevated coal stage was erected on the south-eastern side of the Condamine River Bridge. It was a coal stage and storage bunker.

PB15 444 was one of the locos regularly on 'stage duties'. It would gingerly push a rake of loaded coal hoppers from one end of Warwick Yard to the other to gain sufficient speed to get up the stage.

One of the tracks went in a straight line to the stage. Too little speed, try again, too much, and over the end went the hoppers.

Warwick Coal stage looking back towards the station.
BB18 1/4 1081 passing alongside the Warwick Coal stage.

PB15 444 was one of the regulars on 'coal stage dut'y.
PB15 444 was one of the regulars on 'coal stage duty'.

Although it was demolished in 1970, evidence of where this coal stage was built can still be seen.

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Built: 1921
Demolished: 1970
Location: Warwick
Southern Line


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