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Water gin/wagon No. GWW 23260

Current status - 100% RESTORED - Mainline Operational

Built by Evan Deakin, Rocklea, Brisbane, this wagon entered service in April 1955 and was used to carry exra water for the Garrett steam locomotives during the era of steam.

Water gin undergoing restoration.
Water gin undergoing retoration at the Warwick Railway Precinct.

After steam ended it was used to carry waste oil from diesel locomotives.

The retirement date is unknown, but the wagon was acquired by SDSR and moved to Warwick in 2004.

It is currently in use as part of our tourist train operations to Wallangarra.

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pointer iconVital statistics

Built: 1955
Capacity: 3750 gallons or
17,050 liters of water
Weight: (Tare) 15.5 t.
(Gross) 32.5 t.
Length: 9.140 m
Width: 1.30 m
Gauge: 1,065 mm gauge (3ft 6in)


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