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Rail shunt tractor No. TC7

Current status - OPERATIONAL

TC7 is SDSR's rail shunt tractor. It is used to transport flat tops behind it, and is also used to shunt carriages around.

It's design is a Fordson Tractor, with hydraulic hi-rail wheels in the ront and rear, and a hydraulic turntable attached.

TC7 shunting carriages at Warwick.
TC7 shunting carriages at Warwick.

SDSR puchased TC7 in 2002 from QR Inglewood. Currently it is based at the Warwick Railway Precinct.

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pointer iconVital statistics

Built: By Fordson - date unknown
Retired: 2002
Type: shunt tractor
Weight: 6 t
Length: 5 m
Gauge: 1,065 mm gauge (3ft 6in)


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