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Carriage CW 93 (originally BX 489)

Current status - Static exhibit Amiens Railway Museum Project.

CW 93 in the shed at Warwick Railway Precinct.
CW 93 in the shed at Warwick Railway Precinct.

This carriage was built in 1909 as BX 489 for use on the Brisbane suburban network. It features a clerestory roof with stained glass windows, a centre isle, and end platforms. During World War II, it was converted to a Hospital Ward car on No. 2 Hospital train and in March 1943 was part of No. 4 Hospital train.

In December 1947 it was rebuilt again as a 'BL' type car with toilets and in 1951 it was painted green and toured the state as part of a Travelling Art Gallery.

In March 1967 it was converted for the last time to Camp Wagon CW93 and was placed in railway sidings for Queensland Railway employees to camp in when working away from home.

It was retired from service in April 1999 and was purchased by SDSR from Ipswich Workshops in September 2004. It is currently a static exhibit to the Amiens Railway Museum project that is organising a celebration event.

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Built: 1909
Retired: 1999
Type: Economy Class carriage
72 Economy seats
Weight: 32.5 t
Length: 15.850 m
Width: 2.665 m
Gauge: 1,065 mm gauge (3ft 6in)


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