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Allora Station

Allora is located 30 km north of Warwick, heading towards Toowoomba.

The Allora yard features:

  • semaphore home signal, controlled by lever on platform
  • five sidings in the yard
  • loop
  • jenesens shed
  • compound siding
  • Grainco siding
  • Goods Shed
  • Station
  • section car shed

Allora Station before restoration.
Allora Station before restoration.

The original Allora Station has been restored to it's former glory and a new Hendon station is being built (which will be called 'Little Hendon'). This way trains can once again travel along this section of railway line.

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pointer iconVital statistics

Opened: 1897
Closed: 1995
Location Southern Line
(Goomburra Branch)



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